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Computers and Workstations

GBC Advanced Routing works fine on any current Windows Operating System. Workstations must have Windows XP or higher as the program will not work on anything previous to XP, but is fine with all versions after CP. All server versions have also been tested and work well.


It seems everyone is talking about handhelds these days. How much do they cost and how long will they last? We can tell you what they cost, however, how long they last is purely dependent on the treatment they receive. Some will remain in use for years and others will last only a few months.

Handhelds are, without a doubt, one of the most efficient tools to have in the distribution industry. Coupled with a routing program, handhelds have multiple benefits to your company:

Android handhelds have become the standard for use with GBC Advanced Routing. They have been in use since March 2011 and are very stable. Our customers have a wide variety of Androids from which to choose. Smart phones, tablets, and unlocked phones (sometimes referred to as Media Players) at prices that range from free (from your cellular company with a data plan) to hundreds of dollars. Data is updated via wireless and simultanieously sends information to the handheld from the desktop computer, and retrieves the daily tickets.  Wireless or remotely are the only methods of updating with the Androids.

Handheld Printers

The Android handhelds use Bluetooth printing so most Bluetooth printers will work. Common ones in use are the Citizen CMP 20 or 30, Zonerich, and Zebra. Prices start around $200 for the 2 inch Zonerich printer or $300 for the 2 inch Citizen printer. Three inch printers are also available.

Many of our customers are moving to email invoices for customer deliveries. The invoice is emailed directly from the handheld as soon as the ticket is saved. We have many customers who are not purchasing printers at all and just rely on the email invoices to their customers.