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Q: Routing applications can seem expensive. What are my payment options with GBC?
GBC Advanced Routing can be paid directly, 50% upon acceptance to reserve your installation date and 50% upon completion of installation. We also have a payment plan so customers can pay for their application on a very comfortable monthly basis.
Q: I am currently using a Unix/DOS program that is very fast - why would I want to upgrade?
Although text based Unix/DOS programs were once very fast for entering information Windows has caught up with them. Manual data entry for hundreds of invoices is just as fast in a Windows based program. Most new data is captured using handhelds, so speed of entry is irrelevant. Windows provides great capabilities for connecting remote locations over the Internet, a much more efficient and useful view of your data, and a more easily understood interface for office personnel. Another benefit to the Windows based programs is training new employees. Many applicants have never seen or worked on a Unix/DOS program.
Q: What happens if my computer crashes? Will GBC take care of it?
If you maintain good backups and have another computer available with internet access, GBC can get you up and running again in less than an hour. GBC would restore the database on another computer and change the connection file so everyone would access the new location.
Q: Sometimes my data gets corrupted and I lose some information. Does this happen in GBC Advanced Routing?
GBC Advanced Routing is built on SQL Server and Microsoft .NET framework, which together provide one of the most powerful and stable database management tools available. None of our customers have reported any data corruption while using our software. Even if you have a power loss, SQL Server will recover itself and you will only lose the changes that were in the process of being saved at the time of the power failure.
Q: Can we still do backups if any user is left logged into the system?
SQL Server provides 24/7 uptime and does not have to be shut down to complete backups. During the day, backups are done to a disk file even though all users are logged in and working. Backups to tape are also completed even if others are logged on and working.
Q: Do I need an Internet connection to use GBC?
Internet access is not necessary for the GBC program to operate, however; it does make supporting your company and upgrading your programs much easier for all parties. Remote locations normally use the Internet to connect to the main system. GBC uses a remote support program that allows us to control your computer when you initiate the support call. This allows us to show you how to accomplish the task, and fix most data entry errors. It is available to all of your employees who use GBC Advanced Routing by clicking on an icon on their desktop.
Q: Can I use a Laser Printer with GBC Advanced Routing?
GBC Advanced Routing supports all Windows printers, including Fax printers. All reports print to a preview screen so you can then print them or save them to disk for later retrieval. Choose to print the entire report or just a range of pages so you don't waste paper for things you don't really need. You can also easily export most reports to Excel or text based documents.
Q: What about printing tickets - I understand printing on a dot matrix is very slow in Windows?
Printing dot matrix tickets on a Windows system has always been very slow. GBC bypasses the Windows graphical printing and has the ability to print hundreds of tickets directly to a dot matrix printer as quickly as a Unix/DOS program. Non graphical printing to a dot matrix printer is limited to printing statements, tickets/invoices, work orders and contracts.
Q: Is GBC Advanced Routing suitable for all companies?
GBC Advanced Routing is a very powerful program designed to help you manage your business. It gives you the ability to sort and filter data in a spreadsheet format so you can find troublesome areas. Other routing application providers offer programs that strictly confine what users do and how they do it. For companies with limited or no desire to analyze their business or create accountability within the organization other programs are probably more suitable. Small or large, our perfect customers are those that want ease of use, rules for data entry personnel and a powerful analytical view to catch potentially costly problems and modify data.
Q: What about reporting - I understand GBC has a limited number of reports?
GBC Advanced Routing has an unlimited number of reports. The problem with reporting is that every user wants different information or information in a different format. So, someone looking for that information must print (or export) two or more reports to get the data and merge it, or worse, retype it in a spreadsheet. GBC has implemented a custom reporting feature that is more powerful than a locomotive and can produce exactly the information requested the way the user wants it.
Q: What if I can't figure out how to use Custom Reporting?
We start you off with a variety of reports that we have created through our experience with our existing Client base. If these reports aren’t sufficient and you can’t figure it out on your own simply call our Customer Support Staff and they will be happy to walk you through the process or create the report for you. Most reports take just a few minutes to complete.
Q: Why do you include training in the original quote?
GBC Advanced Routing does not fall into the category of an ‘off the shelf’ application. It allows you views of data that before now had to be downloaded to a spreadsheet and manipulated to get the desired results, then manually modified in the program. You can still download information into a spreadsheet, however; in most cases GBC Advanced Routing alleviates the need to do so. Most quotes include one week on-site training with telephone and internet support after the training. Additional on-site training is quoted on an as needed basis and can last up to several months. GBC believes this is the best way to convert your programs with minimal disruption and frustration.
Q: What about my current data - can it be converted?
So far, we have not been presented with any data that could not be converted. To date we have been able to recreate provided history files with 95% - 99% accuracy within one week using your accounts receivable balance as the benchmark. During the first week of training any conversion errors are located and corrected. Data conversion is included in your GBC quote.
Q: Does GBC offer customization to fit our needs?
Yes. GBC Advanced Routing is the most flexible of the programs available. Each user can customize certain views of the data to suit their needs. GBC also has the ability to create special tables for information you want to capture that may not be included in the main program. Many functions in GBC Advanced Routing are directly attributable to our customers and we welcome your ideas. If you want something we will advise you if it can be done and if there would be a charge for such changes. In most cases, we have been able to work things out so the majority of changes are done at no charge.
Q: What are the hardware requirements?
All computers must be operating on Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. Microsoft Server 2000 or higher versions are supported. GBC Advanced Routing will not run on a Windows 95, 98 or ME operating system. Handhelds are Pocket PC or Mobile xx. The handheld program will not run on a Palm operating system.
Q: After installing GBC Advanced Routing what are the costs of upgrading?
All features and functionality in GBC Advanced Routing are available to all users. There has never been a charge to upgrade GBC Advanced Routing. We believe you should have everything possible at your disposal without additional costs so you can budget the annual cost. GBC also does not charge for additional licenses for the program or handheld program. With GBC Advanced Routing there are no additional or hidden costs once the program is installed.
Q: Can we keep our existing customer numbers?
If you have numeric customer numbers that are the same length they can remain the same. Numeric customer numbers of mixed lengths would have to be modified during the conversion process so that they are all the same length. If you have alpha numeric customer numbers they would have to be changed to numeric. With GBC Advanced Routing's extensive customer search functions customer numbers have never presented an issue.
Q: How do I integrate modules for advanced functions?
There is no integration necessary with GBC Advanced Routing. All modules and all functionality are available to everyone using GBC Advanced Routing from menu items. Some functions require additional third party programs, such as Microsoft Mappoint.
Q: How much does it cost for additional users?
GBC believes that you should not be limited in order to grow your business. If you need an additional user you only need to purchase the computer and load the programs. If you purchase a new truck, you only need to purchase a new handheld.
Q: Is there an annual support fee?
There is an annual renewal/support fee that is based on the number of active customers in your system. Active customers are determined using two factors: the number of customers marked active and the number of customers that had invoices during the past twelve months. The annual renewal is not an option and must be paid to continue use of GBC Advanced Routing. This fee provides you with unlimited support, upgrades, and all new enhancements that GBC may create.
Q: I have multiple companies - how does GBC manage multiple companies?
GBC creates separate databases for each company/branch. Sales reports can be used to analyze data for each company separately or consolidate reports to include all companies. User can be restricted. Example: Home office personnel have access to all companies and each remote location only has access to their company. Customer Support functions and Custom Reporting both have access to all companies without logging out and into the new company.
Q: If I decide to change programs later will my data be accessible to others?
All of your data is stored in SQL Server so it is accessible to anyone with knowledge of SQL Server. Should you decide to move to another software program GBC will do everything we can to help in the transition.