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November 2007

Two Inch Printer Supplements Delivery Process
Reliability, durability make Extech Data Systems

the obvious choice for GBC Systems

Lorna Schauseil, President of GBC Systems, knows the importance of maintaining durable and cost-efficient equipment in order to facilitate her business's success. When asked to identify the key ingredients to staying competitive within the industry, Schauseil replied 'keeping up with technology and specifying reliable hardware are definitely paramount.' Considering this, it is no coincidence that GBC uses Extech portable printers to suit the company's printing needs. GBC Systems provides route management functionality to help distribution companies handle their customers, inventory, equipment, and trucks. GBC is committed to using the newest technology to gather, analyze, and report data.

Needing an economical printer with the durability, reliability, and battery-life to last an entire day, Schauseil turned to Extech Data Systems and its extensive line of portable printers. 'I continue to keep up with the market for new printers,' Schauseil said. 'Extech remains top on the list.' When drivers running route deliveries with printers from a competing manufacturer began experiencing troubles with clasps and hinges breaking on the road, GBC made the switch to Extech Data Systems.

Schauseil remains impressed at the instrument's ability to withstand a driver's abuse. 'I recommend that my customers use Extech printers - There are not many parts on an Extech that can break.' Extech's line of portable two-inch printers includes the S2500THS, an extremely lightweight model which prints at a high-speed rate with heightened resolution.


Extech S2500THS
with optional MCR

Utilizing a lithium ion battery, the unit enables more receipt prints per charge, and drivers are available for Windows 95, 98, 2000, and XP. Multiple communication interfaces and optional integrated Bluetooth radio are available, and the printer is in-field programmable for firmware, font and logo setup. 'They are reasonably priced and reliable,' added Schauseil, when asked how the Extech printer has benefited her company. With the multiple features the S2500THS boasts, it is evident that Extech Data Systems is the standard for enterprise-wide portable printing and mobile applications.

End of Life Printers

Effective immediately we are notifying our customers of the end of life of the following printers that we introduced to the market in the period up to 1998. We will continue to support them for 5 years from June 1st, 2007.

Impact Printers:

*Please note the S2000i continues to be available as a cost effective impact printer

Thermal Printers:
-MST IV (The S1500T is a suitable replacement)
-S2000T (The S2500THS is a suitable replacement)
-S3000T and S3000THS (The S3750THS is a suitable replacement)